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Shaft hoisting system

Our services:

  • projects
  • construction
  • electricity delivery and d electricity distribution
  • devices completion and deliveries
  • installation
  • start-up
  • signalisation and communication
  • monitoring
  • data registering & data archiving
  • research and development - R&D
  • project supervision
  • maintenance

Our possibilities:

  • surface and underground hoists for mines
  • mine hoists for vertical transport
  • transport systems in the incline galleries - up to 45º
  • multifunction hoists (man riding, winding of mined rock, material transport)
  • auxiliary hoists (emergency hoists, emergency-review hoists, security hoists, small material hoists)
  • friction winch
  • sinking hoists

Hoists are the crucial element of the shaft hoisting systems - this is the main part of the all mine transport system as well as the main element of the security system.
The hoist efficiency and capacity depend on its dynamics and on the precision of a drive system.
The security of the shaft hoisting system depends on breaks of the hoist as well as on the primary protections. These are: hoist over-speed protection and exceeding the safe zone of a shaft protection.
Our activities: installation of new hoists, modernisation of existing hoists - drive and control systems. Moreover, we are able to provide the partial modernization of different hoists' elements. Due to our experience acquired while hoists modernisations and while hoist research we are able to find the best solutions for every hoist and for every user.

Since many years we realized different hoists projects:

  • modernisation and refurbishment of the existing hoists control systems and hoists drives:
- relay and electronic control systems,
- speed regulation and speed control systems,
- primary and secondary thyristors,
- joints, gudgeon pins and other mechanic elements of pneumatic break systems, - bearings and transmissions,
- break discs and break rings.

  • We are able to modernise hoists as follow:
- replacement of the mechanical and electrical parts of break control systems
- as well as installation / replacement of break discs of the hydraulic break systems; we can also provide the complete solutions to change the drum breaks to disc breaks,
- replacement / installation of hydraulic break supports and sensors,
- replacement of control systems, shaft protection, speed regulator and of shaft position indicator - installation of the modern, digital systems based on the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC),
- replacement of the electric switchboard of a hoist (i.e. 6kV)and the auxiliary electric switchboard of low voltage,
- replacement of the operator's workstations and the operator's cabin,
- installation of a digital shaft conveyance position system and the riding regulation system together with the over-speed protection system and over-wind protection,
- installation of a digital visualisation system, registering of the hoist parameters, installation of a touch screen - LCD.
  • installation of modern, digitally controlled drive systems of the below parameters:
- direct current systems - for the engine rotor of the hoist - impulse converters of 6, 12 and 24 impulses - one direction converters and reversible converters with sequence control (passive power input reduced); voltage: up to 1kV, current: up to 9kA, with one converter cabinet
- direct current systems - integrated and compact converters for engine excitation supply of hoists and excitation networks of the generators of the Ward-Leonard Drive System (if a generator of the main drive is not to be replace by a thyristor converter)
- direct current systems - control systems, synchronous motor excitation systems used in the generators (Ward Leonard Drive System)
- alternative current systems - low voltage (up to 1000V), regenerative, simple frequency converters; its influence on the supply grid is relatively low (harmonics THD<5%, coefficient of power cosφ > =0.94, i.e. for hoists' drives whose the 6kVAC engine was replaced by a low voltage engine (i.e. 690VAC)
- alternative current systems - medium voltage (up to 10kV), multi phase, regenerative frequency converters; its influence on the supply grid is relatively low (harmonics THD<4%, coefficient of power cosφ > =0.95, i.e. for AC hoists' drives with 6kV engine
  • replacement of main DC, AC and AC/DC engines, replacement of auxiliary engines (lubrication pumps, ventilators etc.) add their basement (construction, pins, etc.),
  • replacement of contactor control systems, contactor esistance systems and dynamic break systems of the AC drives of the auxiliary hoisting shaft systems and of the special hoisting shaft systems. The above solutions are equipped with digital control system and progressive regulation system,
  • Installation of active compensation systems of passive power and of harmonics in the supply grid of a hoist (6kV).
  • Installation and start-up of new hoists (equipped with a driving wheel, one-end systems or uncoupled drums system) - turnkey green filed projects:

- infrastructure installation (hoist building, electric switchboard room, control room, hoist hall, social rooms, etc.)
- delivery of mechanical parts:
-- driving wheel or drum with its linings,
-- transmissions, rolling bearing/plain bearings of main shaft hoisting system, construction
-- hydraulic aggregates, supports, hydraulic cylinders of break systems their connexions
-- lubrication of bearings and of transmissions
--ventilators and filtration systems
- drive delivery (as in project):
-- main electric switchboard, feeders of hoist
-- transformers - converters and auxiliaries transformer
-- AC or DC main engines
-- main converters and secondary converters - depends on the engine
- delivery of the control system:
-- compact, digital control system, protection system, riding regulator
-- shaft device position system, break control system, additional drive control systems etc. (PLC)
-- medium voltage electric switchboards for control systems and secondary drives
-- operator's workstation with visualisation and registering system.

What are the advantages of our solutions?

  • simple construction - all the control and protection functions of a hoist are included in two independent Programmable Logic Controllers
  • high level of security - emergency breaking and protections are ensured by at least two independent elements
  • reliability - due to components of reputable brands well as our own, verified solutions
  • simplicity - detailed and intuitive hoist visualisation system
  • full check-out and automatic test functions
  • low operating costs - standardization of components, energy-efficient solutions (i.e. frequency converters)

Our projects:

  • more than 50 control systems of pneumatic breaks, type ZSHP
  • more than 30 supply systems and control systems of hoists, including 8 new hoists
  • several shaft signalling systems, digital shaft position systems, shaft signal and communication systems, shaft review systems and shaft's men riding systems.


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