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Power engineering

OPA-ROW sp. z o. o. company implements a comprehensive investment works in the scope of construction, modernization of power supply systems and power distribution for all voltage levels. We can offer construction of facilities (turnkey project) starting with concept development, preparing construction projects along with obtaining necessary building permits. We are also a supplier  of ready to use solutions and equipment from renowned manufacturers including functional tests, commissioning and start-up works. Additionally we offer a full range of warranty service and after sales services.
  • The basic scope of power engineering includes:
    • design, construction and modernization of all voltage levels power supply systems for power and industrial plants
    • delivery of HV, MV and LV switchgear, transformers, speed control systems (inverters) and soft start systems
    • passive and active power factor correction systems
  • Our company uses the experience and components of world leading manufacturers of devices such as: ABB, Siemens, Schneider-Electric and also domestic manufacturers such as: Elektrobudowa S.A, JM-Tronik, ZPUE and others. Our high qualified staff of engineers has competence in design, construction and supervision. Our company performs prefabrication of devices for our customers. The company has modern manufacturing and assembly warehouse for device manufacturing and prefabricating. Manufactured devices are subjected to detailed quality controls and pass the tests required by the customers. Devices manufactured by our company have all necessary European certificates valid for equipment used in underground mining. It all makes that our client receives the final device or product ready to use.


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