Shaft signaling system

Since many years we have realized a lot of projects of signalling and communication shaft systems:

  • improvements of security and functionality of present signal systems as below:
  • - adding/removal of a level, signaller workstation or a hoist function,
    - installation of devices for wireless communication system and wireless signal system (Komunikator Szybowy, ECHO, ESSRsz)
  • installation and start-up of new shaft signalling systems.

Project details:

  • conception and project design, investment coasts
  • plans and specifications, owner's manual, etc.
  • permissions and tests results - required by law
  • completion, preparation of components (control and supply cabinets) operator’s workstation, information systems, acoustic systems, connectors, cables, etc.)
  • PLC's software and display devices for special conditions and requirements of a particular shaft system
  • installation of the all elements of a system
  • installation of system console, installation of shaft cables, welding of optical fibre
  • connexion of a shaft signalling system with other shaft devices - hoist, loading system, ventilation of a sump of a pit, shaft system of the second compartment, etc.,
  • tests and commissioning
  • as-built documentations
  • warranty / non warranty services


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