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Power engineering

We ensure the comprehensive construction, modernization of supply systems and power distributions of all voltage ranges to every branch of industry. We specialize in constructions and modernizations of internal medium and high voltage electrical systems. Apart from mines, we deliver our solutions to power engineering societies (RWE Stoen, Tauron), heating plants, mines, glass works, waste water plants, pump stations. We can also design and provide various electric systems, i.e. MV and LV switching stations, transformers, frequency inverters, soft start frequency inverters, LV systems, passive power compensation systems.
  1. DESIGN of power supply system related to customer needs using modern engineering software ( e.g: SEE ELECTRICAL EXPERT, AUTOCAD, etc)
  2. SELECTION/ADJUSTMENT of equipment ( transformer, switchgear, cables, protections, etc) considering economical and technical aspects always with high quality policy
  • OPA-ROW is working with biggest power supply manufacturers such as: SIEMENS, ABB, SCHNEDIER-ELECTRIC etc.
  • OPA-ROW is working with high quality polish power supply manufacturers such as : ELEKTORBUDOWA, JM-TRONIK, ZPUE etc. - for customers looking for economical solutions with high quality policy
  1. ASSEMBLY of the power supply systems
  2. COMMISSIONING of the power supply systems


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