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Mobile hoisting machine

The mobile hoist by OPA-ROW may be applied as a hoist in auxiliary shaft hoisting systems for:

  • man and material riding
  • shaft review
  • emergency evacuation
  • shaft reparations.

It can also be applied for shaft sinking and shaft equipping. This hoist is designed for the maximal working depth up to 1500 (bigger value may be obtained for another kind of a rope.


  • riding speed: 2m/s
  • maximal rope force: 50kN
  • riding depth: 1500 m
  • supply: 3x500VAC
  • engine type: DC
  • drive power: 115 kW
  • roots per minute: 1000
  • engine control system: thyristor converter
  • break: hydraulic, two discs
  • break cylinders: 4 pairs, type: BSFI 360-S-200
  • drum lining: type: Lebus, gorge for a rope od diameter of 22mm

There are two compartments in the mobile hoist:

  • the main compartment with the most important elements, such as rope drum, transmission, breaks, control and supply cabinet. It is equipped with rope panels that coordinate the rope movement - according to the rope angle
  • operator's compartment with ergonomic control panels and comfortable operator's armchair, emergency breaking system device, display elements as well as control, communication and signalling systems. This is an air-conditioned and heated compartment.


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