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Ventilation Systems

One of our solution is the construction and modernization of the main ventilation fans.

We have a unique experience in the construction of the station with adjustable performance realized either by adjusting the angle of the fan blades, or axial speed control using frequency converter.

As the first in Poland we used the frequency converters for medium voltage synchronous motors to drive the main ventilation fans.

We also carry out an economic analysis of the use of fan speed control, which allows to determine the time an investment return.


Water pumping systems

Our business activity focuses also on the main drainage pumping stations. Our wide  experience in this matter allows us to comprehensively implement the power supply and control systems of  pumping stations.

Power supply systems are being provided based on the equipment from best Polish suppliers and control systems are based on our own ideas.

We think that the future of water pumps systems installed at the bottom of the mine is the use of frequency converters medium voltage.


Methane Surface Station

Our company provides complex service of methane management : construction of surface methane station, power aggregate supplied by methane, gas incinerator.

Full use of methane will provide the Investor with a lot of benefits and profits obtained in the near future.

The first popular way to use methane is building power generators which are fueled with methane from methane drainage systems . We have participated in many projects built generating units with internal combustion engines. The use of aggregates provides access to cheap electricity and also allows the use of heat for facilities heating.

Our company make installations of gas incinerators by surface stations methane drainage stations which are  possible to reduce the emission of methane into the atmosphere, production of ERU (Emission Reduction Units) that participate in the European emissions trading system and have their value. The investor decides whether the incinerator has to work out the greatest amount of ERUs, or take advantage of the heat from the incinerator to heat their buildings.


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