OPA-ROW located in Rybnik manufactures hoist equipment and is a leader in mining solutions and power engineering in Poland. OPA-ROW has an annual turnover of approx. 20 000 000 USD and employs over 250 workers (80% of them are the engineers).

OPA-ROW company is active in Poland and internationally. Since 1962, OPA-ROW can scale its technology to the individual needs of the Client. OPA-ROW provides complete R&D services, project management, construction works, start-ups, installation and maintenance in the following specialty areas: hoisting systems, power engineering systems, ventilation system, methane recovery systems and water pump systems.

Scope of company activity is:

  • design
  • installation
  • measurement
  • start-up and service

in branch of:

  • mining
  • energy sector
  • industry
  • On the 15th of February 1962, by the order no. 3/62 issued by the President of Rybnik Coal Industry Department, Measurements and Automatics Department was established – a unit, whose primary aim was to carry out works related to measurements and tests of power machines. It was a reaction to an increasing threat of methane presence in all mines of the Rybnik Mining Area
  • The department has also started to manufacture automatics and power devices for the mining industry, at the same time performing experimental and innovative works in regard to the manufactured products to be delivered to the Rybnik Mining Area.
  • At that time (1962), the department had 39 employees, including 11 managers (engineering and technical experts).
  • On the 16th of November 1993, workers of the “Measurements and Automatics Center” of KWK “Rymer”, together with the Rybnik Coal Company S.A. and Jastrzębie Coal Company S.A. formed a company named “Rybnik Coal Area Measurements and Automatics Center sp. z o.o.”. The newly established company has overtaken all duties as well as equipment of the “Measurements and Automatics Center” of KWK “Rymer”.



OPA-ROW Sp. z.o.o.
ul. Rymera 40c
44-270 Rybnik


tel. +48(32) 739 88 63
E-Mail: office@opa-row.eu